Shifa International DWC
Patient Facilitation
Office Dubai, UAE


Why Choose Us

Patients and their caregivers are seeking quality treatment services at affordable prices, amid the rising cost of healthcare, prevalence of lifestyle diseases and limited accessibility to healthcare services.
Shifa Facilitation Center Dubai, UAE has been assisting patients and their caregivers for accessing healthcare services at one of the Best hospital in Pakistan.
The office provides a comprehensive support process for patients, which includes free of cost second opinions, providing treatment cost estimates, priority appointments, payment options, coordination with Insurance companies for credit billing arrangements.
Join us in reshaping your healthcare journey. Discover a world where world-class medical expertise meets unwavering support. Shifa Facilitation Center Dubai, UAE – your partner in accessible, affordable, and top-tier healthcare. Because you deserve nothing less..”


Shifa International DWC LLc.

SIDL is a 100% owned subsidiary of Shifa International Hospital Ltd. Pakistan. It is engaged in negotiating and facilitating agreements with Insurance companies more


Medical Centers & External Pharmacies

Shifa International Hospital Ltd has established its first patient facilitation center in Dubai and assisting patients for making hassle free arrangements at Shifa International Hospital Islamabad, more


Shifa External Services (SES)

Shifa External Services is a subsidiary of Shifa International Hospitals ltd. Pakistan, tasked with managing and collaborating for external projects, within and outside more

Liver Transplant
Renal Transplant
Bone Marrow Transplant
Corneal Transplant
Knee Joint Replacement
Hip Joint Replacement
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