Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

The year in review for Shifa International Hospitals will be remembered for the once-in-a-century pandemic jolting not just health but also global economic structure and social norms, piercing through every facet of human life. Our mission of preserving public health and serving ailing humanity has never been more relevant. Unique characteristics of Covid virus, the pain, suffering and death it could inflict with unpredictable clinical course, very high infectivity with a threat to caregivers presented a formidable challenge to healthcare systems across the globe.

For a society and its institutions, a crisis has the potential to breed uncertainty and create emotionally draining conditions. Goes without saying that Shifa became the preferred choice of a deluge of Covid victims facing life-threatening complications and evolving therapeutic strategies in Islamabad and surroundings. Needed was the ability to look ahead, adapt, and transform at speed.

With an amazing teamwork, Shifa management came together to implement an effective command and control structure within the hospital to triage and screen suspected patients, allocate resources like intensive care beds and novel medications. This was made possible by management leadership and area specialists in medical staff coordinating, devising policies, maintaining supply chain, streamlining finances as the normal patient care dried up.

Shifa as an organization kept a commitment to provide job security to its highly skilled and dedicated workforce. A critical task was keeping brave frontline health workers healthy and protected. Provision of PPE was ensured in difficult conditions. We salute our staff for standing tall in this tough fight and seek Allah Almighty’s maghfirah for our dear colleagues who fell victim to the ravages of Covid illness. Your Board of directors and senior management were exquisitely aware of the need to keep open all means of communication to learn the dynamic approach to crisis-related activities and actions implemented. Our traditional alignment accentuated for keeping people focused, healthy, engaged, resilient, and optimistic. It is my pleasure to report that the Board remained vigilant and played an effective role in carrying forward the mission.

As we move to the next phase of the pandemic with the threat of resurgence lurking in the shadows, we remain active in the national response now facilitating vaccine trial, hoping to protect the people of Pakistan. We bow our heads in gratitude to Allah The Merciful for enabling us to be of service to His creation, for giving us unity and strength to weather the storm, for keeping us afloat through trials and tribulations.

I offer heartfelt thanks to Shifa Management team, consultants, all Shifa family members, shareholders, vendors, bankers, legal advisors and auditors for their steadfastness and dedicated performance at a very difficult time.