Health / Medical Tourism Services

Shifa International hospitals through Shifa External Services has enabled access to affordable quality healthcare to international patients. Shifa International Hospitals’ Patients’ Assistance Team has been facilitating patients seeking at affordable and quality healthcare of international standards at our hospitals and medical centers.

Patient Facilitation Office in Dubai, UAE was established in 2014 with a purpose to promote health/ medical tourism services and support International patients from the GCC region.

Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. is in contract with several International Health insurance companies. Coordinated through Dubai’s patient facilitation team, we have provided cashless treatment cover to patients who want to avail healthcare services at Shifa International Hospital.

Dubai Facilitation office has been involved in facilitating patient referrals, networking with the local physician community, Patient transfers, organizing Community awareness and Continuous Medical Education (CME) programs in UAE.



Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) of  Shifa International Hospitals ltd is a validation of its services being at par with International Hospitals’ standards. We have mediated thousands of patients from numerous parts of the world, helping them to regain their health and well-being through treatment at Shifa International Hospitals.

Keeping in context needs of an International medical tourist, following services are provided.

Healthcare with Compassion for all

Provision of Cost estimates according to advised treatment, expected length of stay

Payment facilities – using credit or debit cards, foreign currencies (usd), and advance payments through bank deposit)

Interpreter services at the Hospital

Priority appointments and hospitalization according to individual’s travel plan

light bookings and travel health insurance (through dedicated travel agents)

Boarding and lodging facilitation (through dedicated travel agents)

Priority Hospitalization

Treatment cost estimation

Liaison with your Insurance Company

Assistance on Guarantee of payment from insurer

Teleconsultation services

Follow up coordination with treating doctors

Medical Referral assistance through partners

Ambulance transfers through partners

Repatriation through partner services