International Patients

Introduction of Dubai Facilitation Office

Shifa International Hospitals established its first International patient facilitation center at Dubai in Feb, 2014. Since inception, the facilitation desk has continued to provide services to patients from around the world who are in need of specialized healthcare services delivered with compassion and high quality standards. With our team of specialists in Organ Transplants and other specialties such as Oncology, Bariatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Orthopedic. SIHL has become a preferred destination for specialized medical care in Pakistan. Our dedicated International patient’s team provides comprehensive and personalized coordination services for patients who plan to visit Shifa International Hospitals Limited.

We Help Plan Your Visit Through Following Services:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Treatment plan coordination
  • Cost estimation, payment facilitation and financial counseling
  • Hospital admission support
  • Liaison with your health insurance provider for direct payment coverage
  • Payment facility within UAE
  • Hospital to hospital transfers
  • Access to your health records


Frequently Asked Questions

You can get in touch with our International Patients’ Assistance Team through the phone


UAE: 00971 56 403 2005; 00971 50 748 5775
PAK: 0092 345 5570910


Information that is required for my consultation and/or treatment at SIH

Your medical history/report(s) relating to an ongoing treatment or current health status
Copies/ reports of your relevant MRI/CT scan/X rays, laboratory tests and previous surgeries or hospitalization (if any)


SIHL is listed with several health insurance companies in UAE, facilitating direct billing (cashless) treatment cover. You can check with our International patients’ coordinators for further details on Insurance partners and direct billing coverage.

Through our international patient’s desk, you can coordinate with the consultant at no service charge for a second opinion. You can also request for cost estimates accordingly. We also provide patient registration and direct payment facilities in UAE.

You can refer to our website for details of available services and specialties. Our International office will assist on providing further details as per your requirement.

We provide concierge services and assistance at Shifa International Hospital.
Details for boarding and lodging services available in Islamabad are provided on patient’s request. SIHL doesn’t directly deal for these services.

Foreign nationals can contact Pakistan Embassy/consulate in their country of residence for details on visa requirements. SIHL can assist in providing a letter detailing treatment necessity, for visa purposes only.

At SIHL, you can pay via cash (PKR & USD); credit or debit card (Visa and Master); wire or bank transfers (prior to availing services/treatment at SIHL).

We provide assistance for Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Dari/Persian and all local languages spoken in Pakistan

It will depend on your treatment plan. Accordingly, you can apply for leave from work, tentatively.

Patient Testimonials

Muhammad Nawaz Sardara
(Abu Dhabi UAE) Date of Service: Jan 2019 BMT Patient (Oncology)

I am an Abu Dhabi resident diagnosed as Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and later treated in Shiekh Khalifa Medical City. I was advised Autologus BMT. BMT wasn’t available in the region so I researched for the procedure in different facilities across the world including USA, France, Germany, India. I was referred to Shifa by a friend. I contacted Dubai office and got immediate appointment with Dr. Ayaz Mir. I was guided professionally by the Dubai office and opted to travel to Pakistan. I was apprehensive but after meeting Dr. Ayaz and BMT team I was satisfied. The hospital is very well managed and cleanliness and expertise is comparable to any international hospital. I went through BMT, a process which took over 1 month. But I recovered well & during this time was assisted at every step. Allah is very kind that I am able to lead a very healthy life.

Wafa Waheed (Dubai UAE)Date of Service:
Feb 2020 Brain Tumor Patient (Neurology)

I had brain tumor and was very reluctant to be treated away from my home country. I did my research and found Dr. Akbar Khan’s (Consultant Neurology) profile at SIH Islamabad. I shared my reports through SIH Dubai office and upon receiving their prompt response I decided to be treated at SIH Islamabad. Dr. Akbar Khan and his team are very professional and helped me a lot during my treatment. They supported me at every step and I really appreciate help and kindness of all. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY bless them..

Ghulam Murtaza (Abu Dhabi UAE) Date of Service: July 2020 BMT Patient (Oncology)

Going to Pakistan for this complicated procedure was a big decision for me and my family. I must admit that this decision proved an excellent one for me as I was treated so well by each and every member of SIH team including doctors, nurses and the management. The whole procedure was handled professionally from my initial inquiry in Shifa’s Dubai Office till my discharge from the hospital. I found the hospital well managed and a lot of importance was given to the cleanliness as in UAE. I am very happy that we have such top notch hospital in our country and I will refer my family and friends to visit Shifa for availing their health services.

Muhammad Imran Ali (Dubai UAE) Date of Service: Feb 2020 Liver Transplant Patient (Liver Transplant team)

Before going to Shifa for my treatment, I did research on a lot of hospitals all across the world including Pakistan. I contacted Dubai Office and was convinced by their team to visit Shifa for my initial appointment and work up and got assistance throughout including all insurance matters. The whole team at Shifa and especially Liver Transplant team was extremely kind and helpful and made this decision less stressful for me. Though liver transplant is a complicated procedure but both me and my donor were taken care of professionally and Alhamdulillah we both recovered quickly. By the grace of Almighty Allah I am enjoying a much better life now and cannot thank enough to Allah SWT and every member of SIH Team.

Sohail Haider (Sharjah UAE) Date of Service: September 2020 Hip Replacement

I was in extreme pain and had restricted mobility. I was advised Revision of Hip replacement surgery and contacted SIH Dubai office for the purpose. Opinion and Appointment was arranged promptly. All insurance matters were prearranged. I met the consulting doctor Dr Sohail Hafeez who made me comfortable and assured excellent care and quick recovery. Initially I was very apprehensive of the success of the procedure but Alhamdulillah procedure and recovery were uneventful. I am pain free now and will rejoin my work and IA will be enjoying my life in a better way.