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Dr. Malik Imad Khan, COO SES and his team visited Sultanate of Oman

Dr. Malik Imad Khan, COO SES and his team visited Sultanate of Oman in September, 2022 to promote SIHL and SIDL services.
During the visit he met the officials from Oman Ministry of Health, Director for International Patient Referrals Dr. Sultan Salim Al Harthi, who showed keen interest in referring patients of Omani Origin to SIHL. In another meeting with Pakistan Ambassador in Oman – H.E Mr. Imran Ali Chaudhary, was briefed about Shifa International DWC, Dubai’s role in patient facilitation and improving quality healthcare access for International community. 

H.E Imran Ali Chaudhary appreciated Shifa International’s efforts in promoting Pakistan’s healthcare services and assured his support for facilitating medical visa issuance to Omani nationals planning to visit SIHL. H.E was very supportive of Shifa’s plans for exploring Oman’s healthcare market opportunities, which would immensely benefit local population including expatriate Pakistanis for easily accessing quality healthcare services.

In a gathering with prominent Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons working in Oman, Dr. Malik Imad Khan presented a brief overview of SIHL’s progress over the years and its future plans. The medical fraternity appreciated SIHL’s plans for venturing into Oman healthcare market and emphasized the need for establishing a healthcare facility – that will be a first by any prominent Pakistani Healthcare Institution. They were forthcoming in assuring future patient referrals to Shifa hospitals.

SES and SIDL team also attended the Oman Healthcare Expo, an annual event showcasing healthcare providers, healthcare products and medical tourism services from various exhibitors from Oman and other countries. A large number of Indian and Iranian healthcare providers were participating promoting traditional medicine, IVF, Cosmetic procedures, Plastic and weight loss surgeries. in a presentation by Oman Ministry of Health officials shared a road map and plan for Universal Health Insurance and digitization of Oman’s healthcare services. The teams also met Private health insurance companies for inclusion of SIHL in their worldwide network.