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Pakistan as Potential Tourist Destination for Patients

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When it comes to medical tourism, Pakistan has a long history of being a potential tourist destination for patients seeking healthcare. Pakistan has established itself as a major player in the emerging and lucrative health tourism business. Patients avoid waiting lists or seek care that is either unavailable or too expensive in their own countries such as the United States, Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, Spain, and Germany.

Why to Visit Pakistan for Medical Facilities

Many people from numerous countries have sought treatment in Pakistan. Many patients from the Middle East, the UK, and the USA travel to Pakistan to seek a variety of therapies and treatments that they would otherwise be unable to obtain in their own countries due to a higher cost or a lack of insurance coverage. The majority of medical tourists come to Pakistan for organ transplantations, fertility, and aesthetic procedures. Individuals seeking medical treatment in Pakistan have primarily been motivated by cost. Health tourism / medical tourism for organ transplants in Pakistan is prospering and becoming a potential market to contribute to the country’s economy.

State-of-the-art facilities In Pakistan
State-of-the-art facilities have been established and stringent rules and regulations are taken into regard. Pakistani doctors are well-known for their international acclaim. When it comes to healthcare experts, there is no doubt that Pakistan has been endowed with a wealth of skill. The rough cost of kidney transplantation in America is up to 442,500 USD, in Thailand 55,000 USD, while in turkey around 21,000 USD, whereas, in Pakistan, the same procedure costs around USD 9000 only.

In the United States, IVF procedures can cost up to around $8000, the same procedure can be done in Pakistan at a 75% lower cost. The cost ratio is pretty low for many other treatments as well, when compared to the USA and other countries. A tremendous decrease in cost shows Pakistan is the most cost-effective country for medical tourism. Officials in the tourism industry suggest that Pakistan can compete with other nations in medical tourism, adding that it may even be “less than half the price of India.”