• Shifa External Services (SES) is a subsidiary of Shifa International Hospitals. It was formed for better coordination with the external agencies.
  • SES is responsible for the business enhancement outside Main Shifa Hospital Campus situated at sector H-8/4 Islamabad.
  • The purpose of establishing SES division is to widen our business horizon, ensuring the patient quality care services at their doorsteps (ensuring a continuum of care) as per Joint Commission International guidelines.

  • SES has contributed significantly to replace endeavours of Shifa International Hospital in improving the overall quality of care and ensuring patient satisfaction.

    Shifa External Services comprises of


    1. Shifa International Hospital Ltd, Faisalabad
    2. Dialysis Center – Sector G-10, Islamabad
    3. F-11 Medical Centre, Islamabad
    4. Shifa Retail Pharmacies – All over Pakistan
    5. Shifa Facilitation Centre, Peshawar
    6. Shifa Corporate Medical Centers/Pharmacies, including but not limited to:
            a)  Oil and Gas Development Corporation Ltd – OGDC
            b)  Telenor Pakistan
            c)  Civil Aviation Authority – CAA
            d)  National Radio And Telecommunication Corporation – NRTC
            e)  WAPDA-Mangla, Islamabad & Faisalabad
            f)  Pakistan International Airline – PIA
            g) Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission – PAEC
            h) NDC
            i) Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd – PTCL
            j) Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation – FGEHF
    7. Shifa Facilitation Office, Dubai
    8. Collaboration with Tashkent Medical Academy, Uzbekistan
    9. Patient Referral and Assistance Office,  Afghanistan