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Top Liver Transplant Hospital in Pakistan

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Liver transplant is associated with the procedure of removing a liver that no longer works properly (liver failure/ liver cancer/congenital liver diseases) and replacing with a healthy liver or a piece of a healthy liver from a donor. Liver transplant requires a specialized life-saving surgical treatment because this is the last resort measure for chronic liver diseases. In Pakistan it is estimated that over 2.5 million people require liver transplant at any stage of chronic disease treatment to save their life.

Developments in liver transplantation have been on a rise since 2011, when a number of hospitals in Pakistan took the challenges of doing living donor liver transplant across the country.

Shifa International Hospital Islamabad is the forefront and top liver transplant hospital in Pakistan private sector, where transplants are successfully running since 2009. The hospital is equipped with Pakistan’s largest liver transplant skilled workforce with international quality standards and integrated care.
Shifa International Hospital is developing successful and sustainable transplants for patients who previously had no option to survive than to travel out of the country for transplantation.

For patients who are not residing in Pakistan, Shifa International Patient Facilitation Center in Dubai is currently dedicated to provide coordination services to those patients seeking top class quality treatment for liver transplantation. The team is committed to provide best healthcare coordination services amongst surgeons and patients for liver transplantation at Shifa International Hospital Pakistan.

The availability of sustainable and healthy liver transplantation services at Shifa International Hospital Pakistan is a great benefit to the people of Pakistan and neighboring countries. The hospital has achieved a milestone of becoming Pakistan’s first hospital to complete more than one thousands living donor transplants.
The tremendous ability of liver to regenerate from a living donor and the advancement in liver surgery has made the transplantation procedure a ground reality of saving lives.

Liver transplantation in Pakistan will continue to rise in future, considering an increase in chronic liver diseases. The healthcare system at Shifa International Hospital has developed to a well-planned quality oriented system to provide the patients highly skilled surgical, medical and intensive care treatments.
The hospital has focused all its resources and expertise under a single roof and developed the facility of best liver transplantation services of international credibility.

Success rate of living donor liver transplant cases at Shifa International hospital are comparable to any International center for liver transplant. The services provided are comprehensive and offered as a package at a cost which is 40 to 50% less than the ones offered at International Centers.

Strict compliance to quality measures, methodical approach to patient and donor selection, a multidisciplinary team and their dedication to patient care are the elements which help in achieving successful transplantations milestones.